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The Way Forward from Paris

Climate justice must be ingrained in the rules of the new climate compacts.

(Written by R. R. Rashmi |This article was published in 'The Indian Express' on October 21, 2016)

With India and other major growing economies ratifying the Paris climate change agreement, the threshold for the agreement to come into force has been reached.

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India's NDC

India’s INDC is prepared in a balanced and comprehensive manner to reflect all issues of:

Mitigation,Adaptation,ClimateFinance, Technology transfer and Capacity building while simultaneously endeavoring to meet all the developmental challenges that the country faces today.

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The Indian pavilion at COP-23 will offer a unique opportunity to showcase India's positive actions on climate change to the global audience through events/ exhibits in the nature of panel discussions, presentations, conferences, interviews, press conference, short movies, documentaries, lectures, demonstrations, showcasing of exhibits etc.

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